Michiganders deserve the truth

Tomorrow, Gov. Snyder will air another Super Bowl ad touting his performance as Michigan’s governor and his bid for re-election. The cost? A cool $500,000. And you can bet your bottom dollar Snyder isn’t spending half a million to explain why he raised taxes on working Michiganders and seniors, punted on equal pay for equal work, and repeatedly failed to stand up for LGBT individuals. Nope, but that’s were you come in.

We put together our own Super Bowl ad featuring the Fake Rick Snyder, and we need you to get it in front of as many Michiganders as possible. While we can’t afford airtime during the Super Bowl, every $1 you donate ensures an additional 1,000 Michiganders will see the ad. Donate $5, $25, or $50 right now and make sure every single Michigander sees what Gov. Snyder is really about.

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