Fight for Progress, Support Progress Michigan

This past election proved that hundreds of thousands, like us, believed in a better Michigan. But no one can afford to shut down and pretend the fight is over. The stakes in our state are too high and honestly the real battle is just beginning. 

To keep the progressive momentum moving forward, Progress Michigan pledges to:

  • Work to create a more welcoming, sustainable, and equitable Michigan.
  • Serve as a loud, present and vocal progressive voice to challenge conservative propaganda in the media.
  • Protect and defend those who fight for progressive causes against unfair and misleading attacks.
  • Hold elected officials accountable when they fail the people of Michigan.

Your gift, made before the end of the year, will help us keep our communications up and running.  Can you help us protect the progressive agenda from those who would rather rig the system for their corporate donors? Every Michigander is unique in their capacity to give and we welcome and appreciate all gifts whether large or small.  

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