Ron Weiser’s empty apology is meaningless. Remove him from the Regents and his name from our UofM buildings!

We call on the University of Michigan to remove Ron Weiser’s name from any building that bears his name and also demand that he resign from his regent position. 

Ron Weiser’s demeaning comments about women and advocating for political violence are unbecoming of any elected official. As a regent of the University of Michigan, he wields power that affects hundreds of thousands of people who proudly attend, work at, or are alumni of the school.

By singling out Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Attorney General Dana Nessel, and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson as “witches” that should be “burned at the stake,” Weiser perpetuated gross and damaging stereotypes about women. These insensitive remarks show a clear ignorance of the current trends of violence towards women, not to mention the real threats of violence these three elected officials have faced. 

Weiser’s disgusting behavior was also on full display in his attacks against Peter Meijer and Fred Upton. Commenting about the possibility for assassination is abhorrent in its own right, but extremely insensitive given the previous death threats against these two officials as well. 

We seek accountability for Weiser’s damaging comments, and as supporters of the University of Michigan, we cannot tolerate his name being associated with or located on any part of campus. 

Public officials who wade in misogynistic and incendiary rhetoric have no place in public office, especially those like Weiser who show little remorse. Weiser cannot continue to carry out his duties as a university regent in good faith at this point, and his name must be removed from all campus buildings. 

Add your signature to this petition and then contact the UofM Board of Regents to urge them to hold Ron Weiser accountable:


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University of Michigan alumni from across the country demand the university fully dissociate from Regent Ron Weiser for his sexist and violent comments. Weiser's name must be removed from all university buildings and he must resign as a regent. We demand better from our alma mater. Violent rhetoric like Weiser’s has no place on campus. We demand that direction action is taken to mitigate the damage his comments have done to our reputation.

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