Hypocrisy Alert: “Democrats” for “Life” invade Michigan

As a Michigander, I stand for my state’s values. I believe in the right of doctors to provide exactly the care their patients need. I believe in the right of international organizations to be able to give truthful and medically-accurate information. I believe in ensuring every Planned Parenthood — in Michigan and across the country — gets the funding they need to provide high quality reproductive health and education services to millions of people in under served communities.

I stand against those who have come to our state to spread hypocrisy and lies. The right to access abortion is a Great Lakes State value. I am among the majority in our state who believe in preserving the right to access abortion when it’s needed, where it’s needed, by whom it’s needed.

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    This month a group pretending to be Democrats masquerading as pro-family, pro-women champions are hosting a conference here in Michigan. They call themselves, “Democrats for Life,” and they purport to be “Pro-life for the whole life.” But what exactly does that mean?

    From their website, this is Democrats for Life’s platform:

    • Support for the Global Gag Rule, which snatches away money from relief agencies in other countries that even dare to mention abortion care.
    • Codification of the 20-week abortion ban in every state, a law which has been proven unconstitutional and that denies patients the care they need at every stage of pregnancy.
    • Defunding Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest sexual and reproductive health provider.

    Sound familiar? These are the exact attacks being perpetuated by conservatives and anti-abortion extremists in Congress and Michigan who seek to send reproductive health care back to the dark ages. These so-called Democrats for Life are awash in hypocrisy. If they truly believed in protecting a woman’s health throughout her life, they would support evidence-based medicine that provides care to patients without punishing doctors and pressuring aid organizations to deny women abortions.